To ensure her mission is a success, Zaku has armed herself to the teeth and is raring to go! But before you help her smash through all of the sneaky enemies and gruff, overbearing bosses, you'll need to familiarize yourself with her abilities.

    All of Zaku's movements, attacks and defenses are listed and described below, along with their corresponding controls.

Take Flight

    Control Zaku's airborne trajectory using the eight-way directional pad, allowing her to soar to new heights or take the world by low coastal fog!

Rapid Shot

    Pressing button B will command Zaku to fire a quick blast from her power gloves. Holding button B activates rapid fire mode.

Super Shot

    When normal shots aren't enough, you can press and hold button A to charge up a more powerful shot that can strike multiple enemies and deal some serious damage to bosses!

Clapping Shield

    Normal shot? Rapid shot? Charged shot? Bah! How about unleashing an insanely powerful energy attack on the enemy? That's what the clapping shield is all about! It can be activated by pressing and holding button A for a while longer than it would normally take to charge the more powerful shot. The clapping shield is effective against most enemies, but the Penguin Bros. have prepared a defense against it, outfitting all bosses with protection. It can also misfire at times, requiring a second charge cycle. Use with caution!

Back Blaster

    When an enemy tries to ambush Zaku, what does she do? Cry? No! She unleashes the power of her rocket shoes to scorch them! This is accomplished by pressing the Option 1 button.

Power Orbs

    Battle can be very hazardous to your health! Luckily it's possible to heal on the go using the power orbs dropped by fallen enemies. Once eight orbs have been collected, you can press the Option 2 button to increase Zaku's health.

    As well, the game supports the pause, restart and screen flip options that are built in to the Lynx's hardware. So whether you need a break from the action, want to start a new game or have the desire to hold the Lynx upside-down while playing, you're in luck.

    Zaku and all related characters Copyright ©2009 PenguiNet and Osman D. Celimli.
    The Super Fighter Team Logo is © Super Fighter Team and Brandon Cobb.

    This game is not produced by or under license from Atari Inc.