Zaku: Vanquisher of Boredom

    Zaku's soundtrack consists of over twenty original chiptune compositions by composer Evren Celimli. In addition to accompanying Zaku throughout her adventure, the music is available for listening through the game's built-in sound test.
    The official soundtrack, "Zaku- Vanquisher of Boredom," is available on both Compact Disc and as a digital download. This not only includes the music as it plays on the Lynx hardware, but an all new Composer's Edition. This contains remastered versions of every piece of music in the game using Reason as a synth and Pro Tools for mixing.

You may access the soundtrack's purchasing page by clicking the link below:
Buy the Soundtrack!


    ZAKU SOUND+ is a revisiting of nine select tracks from Zaku's original soundtrack using the new Lynx sound suite, HandyMusic. It is available for free listening via the links below.

Listen to ZAKU SOUND+ on YouTube
Download ZAKU SOUND+ (AAC M4A, 32MB)

    Zaku and all related characters Copyright ©2009 PenguiNet and Osman D. Celimli.
    The Super Fighter Team Logo is © Super Fighter Team and Brandon Cobb.

    This game is not produced by or under license from Atari Inc.