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Software: MEMPAK, SASS, MID2SASS, HuSound, HandyMusic
Hardware: Coffee Baron Integrated Coffee System
Arty Stuffs: BupMacs
Game Design: Zaku


Platform: Atari Lynx, Publisher: Super Fighter Team, Developer: PenguiNet (Self), Release Date: 10/24/2009
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Zaku was the first time I had ever attempted to lead the design and development of a full game product. I had minimal design experience and even less programming exposure prior to starting the project, which led to a very steep learning curve and very long development time. The game was picked up for publishing in 2006 by Super Fighter Team, and eventually shipped in 2009. While I personally feel that Zaku is very flawed, I’m satisfied with what was accomplished and enjoyed the game’s development immensely.

Game Footage:
A full playthrough of Zaku recorded from a Lynx console is available below.

Production Materials:
Note: Due to Zaku’s lengthy development time, many of the original design sheets have been lost.
Character Model Sheets- Used for animation reference
Background Layouts- Given out to the new background artists near the end of development.
Zaku Animation Test- A movement test to get a better understanding of the character.
Unused Cartridge Design- One of the designs for Zaku’s cartridge. It went unused in favor of the Lynx’s traditional cartridge shape.
Prototype Cartridge- Pre manufacturing PCB test.

Personal Contributions:
Direction and Design of game mechanics, characters, and story.
Game Engine and Object Code comprised of 76,127 lines of 65C02 Assembly Language.
Sound Conversion comprised of 22,872 Lines of Epyx SPL Sound Scripts.
("LynxBuild") Linker for building the game binary.
Character model sheets, and layout drawings.
Game Character and Object Illustrations (849 total).
Stage Backgrounds (11 Total).
Game Manual layout and Illustration (Dual Language English and French, translation to French was performed by Super Fighter Team).

Evren Celimli:
Game Score (23 Pieces of Music, one was unused in the final release).
Evan Doody:
Stage Backgrounds (4 Total- R2A, R3A, R3B, R5B).
Nick Moy:
Stage Backgrounds (1 Total- R4A).
Amilcar Parra:
Stage Backgrounds (1 Total- R4B).

Electron Closet: Atari Lynx, PC-Engine, GameBoy DX
Mischief: MC68705P3, Sylvie

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