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Software: MEMPAK, SASS, MID2SASS, HuSound, HandyMusic
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Game Design: Zaku


Platform: Atari Lynx, Publisher: Super Fighter Team, Developer: PenguiNet (Self), Release Date: 10/24/2009
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Zaku was the first time I had ever attempted to lead the design and development of a full game product. I had minimal design experience and even less programming exposure prior to starting the project, which led to a very steep learning curve and very long development time. The game was picked up for publishing in 2006 by Super Fighter Team, and eventually shipped in 2009. While I personally feel that Zaku is very flawed, I’m satisfied with what was accomplished and enjoyed the game’s development immensely.

Game Footage:
A full playthrough of Zaku recorded from a Lynx console is available below.

Production Materials:
Note: Due to Zaku’s lengthy development time, many of the original design sheets have been lost.
Character Model Sheets- Used for animation reference.
Background Layouts- Given out to the new background artists near the end of development.
Zaku Animation Test- A movement test to get a better understanding of the character.
Unused Cartridge Design- One of the designs for Zaku’s cartridge. It went unused in favor of the Lynx’s traditional cartridge shape.
Prototype Cartridge- Pre manufacturing PCB test.

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